Hardware: Xin-Mo Dual USB controller

So I’m using this as my controller, which is a Jammaboard USB controller, and I’ve been having a devil of a time getting it to work. In hind sight, i probably would have just bought RetroPie’s ControlBlock as its about the same price.  It does appear that I’ve found a solution here.

The thread is 4 pages as of now and files have been updated, but in short, I downloaded this file and did the following:

tar xf custom_kernel_1.20150216-1.tar.gz
cd custom_kernel_1.20150216-1
sudo ./install.sh

This definately fixed the problem of not recognizing joystick 2; however, I still have a problem with some games not working with the player2 joystick. I can configure the 2nd joystick in the configuration menu, but when it comes to actually  using the joystick in the game, it doesn’t work.  The buttons do seem to work though. Go figure.

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