Hardware: HDMI to VGA Adapter

I’m using an old VGA monitor, so I purchased this HDMI to VGA Video Adapter. It wasn’t showing any picture at first so in this file: /boot/config.txt , I uncommented the line:


From there at least I knew things were working as I got the screen to work in low resolution. Here’s a full list of config.txt options: http://elinux.org/RPiconfig#Video. After that, I just tweaked the following lines until I got the monitor to work without being in safe mode (it’s monitor dependent though). Here’s the settings I used for my monitor:


I also uncommented this line to get audio to work through the monitor speakers:


Note that in Adafruit’s example, hdmi_mode=87 is a custom setting where you customize each value. I was able to use preset mode=9.

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