Software: Installing Emulator – MAME4ALL

This is mostly from this post. Of the four emulators listed, MAME4ALL, PisNES, pcsx_reARMed, and Atari800, I chose MAME (no real reason other than it just seemed like there was a large selection of games).

Installing MAME was as easy as the the article notes…just click on the Pi Store icon, select the Games category, go down to MAME4ALL, and select “Free Download”.

The problem I had from here is that when Mame installed, I didn’t get an icon on the desktop, and I don’t see one in any of the directories under the “Start” button. I don’t like going to the Pi Store every time I want to launch an application, so I created a desktop shortcut to MAME by doing this:

Right click on the Desktop and select Create New -> Blank File

I called mine “Arcade.desktop” (you need to have the “.desktop” extension but you can name it whatever you want)

Right click on the newly created file and open it with Leafpad by selecting “Leafpad”

I then pasted in the following:

[Desktop Entry]

This has the leafpad icon as an option. You can put in whatever you wish and I would guess putting your own icon off the Internet would be pretty easy, but I haven’t bothered yet. I just went into the  listed directory at “/usr/share/pixmaps” and selected an icon that was a bit more attractive (so now this line says “Icon=/usr/share/pixmaps/cmake.xpm”).

So far, everything works pretty well when I test it out (although for some games I have to just mash keys around until I figure out which one starts the game — usually the 6 or 7 key).

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